Monday, January 24, 2011

Esme the doctor

Last night when she bumped her head I told her 'oh let's see it' and held her head still to look at her bump. Last night when I started feeling very poorly I told her my head 'ow'ed' and it was hot and my hands were cold so I was sick and should go to sleep. She grabbed my head in both hands and said 'oh let's see -- oh let's see it' and tried to look at my teeth and chin and feel my forehead. She then told me 'oh you're alright.' haha.. just like when I told her her head was going to be fine.

And she tucked me in with my blanket 'tuck tuck' you go sleep mumum. This morning she was trying to get me to play dolls with her and I told her I was still sick that I needed to drink lots to feel better. She looked at the cup and said 'drink mumum - you drink it all down now! drink!' And I did. And then she decided we needed refills.

Her temperature is 99.9 right now as well, which mine was last night and it is fluctuating between 98 and 100.3 over time. Mark is still normal - which for us is 96.5 to 97... so it is a noticeable fever. We all run 'cold' and I tested all of us to get an accurate comparison. I hope to get lots of fluids in her when she wakes up - she went right to bed at 4:00 when Mark came home from bringing grandma back from the hospital. Grandpa is there for a while for them to watch him. This is a pretty bad bug!

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