Sunday, November 15, 2009

weekend tidbits

Yesterday we went to have a yard sale at Jack's house - Jack and I work at the same place and he lives up the road a bit. We did make a little money off of things that were otherwise just sitting around. Anyway, Mark took 'Them Smoking Bones' (ie: plastic medical skeleton we have hanging in a corner of our house) and put him in the back of the truck as a 'what IS that' for people driving by. It worked - several people stopped and looked, with their first question 'Why do you have a skeleton there?' During several parts of the day we put Esme in the back of the truck to sit with her cup or drawing pad. The first time we put her back there she went and pointed at Bones and then at the bed of the truck and said 'kitty.' We thought she meant Bones was a kitty for a minute - but then realized that she was talking about last month when we took Bones with us to try to give away PeanutNinja's kitten siblings. She was saying last time things were like this we had kitties 'right here' and she wanted us to complete the picture. I laughed! What a strange memory this kid has. She also tried to get Bones to hold a stick later in the day - and that was funny to watch.

She also got to ride a horsie yesterday! For just a little bit. Ellen lives near Jack and has horses. Ellen and I also work at the same place but she usually isn't there when we come to visit. Esme went to see Ellen's horses many times over the course of the yard sale day - just to pat their noses and offer some grass etc... Ellen came home halfway through the day and Esme insisted on seeing the horses one last time before we left. Ellen was out cleaning barns and invited Esme in to see all the horses individually, sit on their backs and even offered to halter one up for her. Esme thought she said 'hat' instead of halter and took my red hat off my head and gave it to Ellen, then pointed at the horse. That was funny. Ellen held Esme up on one of the younger horses and rode her around for a few circles. Esme had so much fun and was so talkative about it. Ellen asked 'do you like horsies?' without being expected to be answered and Esme said 'YEA' and made horsie noises.

This morning I'm awoken by loud 'chomping' noises across the room. She's hungry. I ask 'are you HUNGRY?' and for the first time in a long time I hear repeated 'I'm hungry!' and more chomping noises. She asked for her boots today - she asked for her Shaun the Sheep... we're really getting a little one who knows what she wants and can communicate it better than ever before.

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