Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vacation Sunday

PeanutNinja occupies my chair in the worksapce

We went up to Hazel's antique mall for a short time today, bought Esme a chair and a few little toys. I've been looking at Ebay a lot for a few small things I wanted for her - and wanted to see a different scene. I have many days off this week for the second half of my vacation. It's nice.

We have a new rug for Esme's 'room' and I'm thinking of moving my sewing machine to another place in the upstairs to expand the area Esme has for her own. That will leave room for a 'big girl bed' later and maybe a reading corner. They are just tentative thoughts I'm coming up with. I know she needs to move out of the crib sooner or later... she's not too tall for it yet but that is mostly because she prefers to sleep curled up in the corner. I know some other people who live here she gets that trait from.

1 comment: said...

PeanutNinja looks just like our Jack! What a cutie pie!