Sunday, November 08, 2009

She'll Grow into it (note)

Heh - the shirt I made back here in August and said it was too big for Esme? At the time I was sure she'd grow into it, sooner or later -- as it looked like a tent on her then. She wore it up to Grandma's once. Now it fits her pretty good with only a little bit of 'is that a nightgown?' thought because the front billows out a little. Since that one was 'exactly to pattern' I can pull out the old pattern and try to make another one with some new fabric a friend gave me at work. She found a large stack of different floral fabrics, yards and yards each at a yard sale. She said it 'wasn't much' but wouldn't say what it was - but that it reminded her of the clothes I was making for Esme on my lunch breaks and she had to get it and bring it to me. I don't think she has the internet or I'd thank her again! So neat and I'll put it to use!

Right now Esme is running around the room with a tube from some glow sticks this Halloween. The tube is empty but it makes an interesting 'water jug' musical noise when she blows across it and she is getting a great kick out of the small toy.

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