Monday, November 09, 2009

Sewing update

A picture Mark caught of me at the workstation the other night while I was cutting out a pair of pants for Esme. I was cold and wearing his big fluffy terrycloth robe. I really need to organize everything over there. The purse hanging has knitting I haven't worked on in ages, and I have bits and scraps stuffed in closet organizers to the right and left of the machine.

I went last night to the table to start on something new and found the blue pinafore dress I had been making for Esme in the pattern box, still stuck on one step that was giving me a lot of trouble. I struggled with it - got over it (not perfect but it'll work) and moved on to nearly finish it. The skirt is now pinned on, needs sewing on and then a hem and buttonholes. Then I'll start something new... at least I'll get the hem done before I start something new ;) Buttonholes can be done at work.

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