Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kittens Don't Need Crayons

Esme had piled all her crayons up under this chair (where I used to take my toy photos and is now a cat sunning spot). I told her the dogs would eat them there - so she got a tablet and started piling them up for the kitten, who was very unimpressed. Eventually they headed back to the table and easel. Also take a look at the cool fix Mark came up with for the easel. One of the clips had broken that hold the paper. We teamed up on it and took a drywall saw to the little hole the original clip went in. Tada! Binder clips to the rescue again!

That drawing is a collaboration between Esme and I. She's getting really good at scribbling and I try to fill in some of the areas with color ;)

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