Friday, November 20, 2009

Our Friday morning and update

It is nice to have a morning to play with Esme, do a little laundry and not worry about going to work until the afternoon. We've been playing with letters, counting, blocks, teaset and our kitten PeanutNinja. Esme has to learn PeanutNinja does not like to have things stacked on her - this isn't 'Stuff on my Cats'.com! I am amazed every day at how much more I understand of what Esme is saying - especially when I can slow down and watch without having to be busy myself.

Updates: Some of this has been happening for a while but I don't think I've noted it here. So, this is 'for the record.' I'm hearing sentences like 'my cow, my cup' and 'good cow', 'good kitty'.. also things like 'What is that?' much clearer than before and expecting an answer. She will often repeat the answer or attempt to - which she was reluctant to do a few months ago unless she was really interested.

She asked me 'What you got' or something similar to that in the kitchen today to make sure I had the same pepperoni she had... Her number of things she knows how to say on Starfall is increasing as well and she is participating in the matching and puzzle games by pointing to the squares.. something she would not do a few months ago.

This morning she has been doing the 'shhh' with her finger to her lips. That is cute because she can't keep a straight face even though she tries. I say 'Shhh.. be wery wery quiet, we are hunting wabbits!' and she giggles her tail off. I'm hearing counting sounds when she puts large pegs from one cup to another. She is trying colors too - 'black' and 'green' are easy to understand. The numbers are still hard to understand but she is getting the basic shape of the word right. Hearing her pretend to talk on the phone is hilarious.

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