Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween and Daylight Savings times ends

Set all the clocks back *check*. Have to get up even earlier for work anyway *check* growl.

We didn't go anywhere for Halloween since I worked until late. Mark took the pumpkin out on the porch and Esme helped him light it. It was burning out there when I got home and we all had supper. Shortly after a round of Starfall and some running around with the kitten and balloons I put Esme to bed where she quickly fell asleep.

I also let her play with a digital thermometer for a few minutes yesterday. Mark and Esme both registered two degrees warmer than I am... which is always below 'normal' body temperature (right around 96 instead of 98.6, even adding the 'one' to our axillary thermometer) So, I'm officially an alien being? haha some days I feel like it. Lately I have been extremely cold to the touch 'you're like thirty degrees, is that a Northern Eskimo thing?' Mark said, although I usually don't notice it myself unless I'm on the concrete floor downstairs. I think I just keep most of my heat in my stomach and it only gets out to the extremities in necessary quantities or if I'm doing heavy work. He tends to be the same temperature all over... Esme is kind of in between. I hope she will inherit his capacity for withstanding heat AND mine for withstanding cold... that would set her up nicely here in the MidSouth where they do get some freezing winter and some hot summer.

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