Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Special bonus sewing time

Just woke up from a nap and
Mom is trying new clothes on me again!
At least I have Shaun

I was on a roll today so I dove into the fabric Gwen gave me and made this. It just needs the zipper sewn in - and I'll do that by hand tomorrow at my lunch break. It is a little too big, especially in the sleeves - but there wasn't a long sleeve with this pattern. There was supposed to be - and using the short sleeve and the picture of the long sleeve in the pattern directions I tried to adapt. Not too bad - and she will definitely be able to wear it around town and be warm this winter wearing it in the house. Since I didn't know if the sleeve was going to work or not I used this thin gray fabric. On the one hand - it went 'ok' with the red color and on the other hand - there was plenty of it in case I had to rework the sleeve several times to fit her.

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