Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Pogo has at least three kittens, maybe four. They are moving around in the box but it is dark under the bed and we haven't wanted to move the box yet. We are going to count them today. I've gotten the custom doll orders done, and am working on some other projects down in our basement. Esme is taking to the solid foods well. She had sweet potatoes and applesauce yesterday. Right now she is happily cooing at me from her swing chair.

One of the custom dolls
for our toy shop


mrspao said...

I wish I lived somewhere in the same continent as you! I showed pao a photo of Pogo and he is deeply in love with her and he asked where she was. When I told him, he was a bit sad.

Carrie K said...

Kittens and babies! Awesome.

Cute doll too.

Nicole had her baby yesterday! I thought June but it was April.

Chris said...

Fresh kittens - very exciting!