Friday, April 18, 2008

Blue Pumpkins and Red Sunburn

We tilled yesterday. Mark did most of the work, but we both got sunburned red as lobsters. Some coconut shea butter really made my sunburn feel better, but it was itching badly before that. Esme was out with us but she had her sunshade in the car seat. She really enjoyed the wind and butterflies and watching all the dogs run around.

We are planning on planting a lot of corn, some ornamentals as well as Mark's favorite Peaches and Cream. That might be an interesting mix if they cross-pollinate. I just finished putting in a few mounds of 'Once in a Blue Moon' pumpkins and Blue Hubbard Squash. When I worked at the Horticulture station in Grand Rapids, MN we planted an 'Heirloom 100 years Anniversary Garden' Everything in that garden was something that was planted at the station 100 years ago. Blue Hubbards were among the mix so I have a bit of fondness for them. I'm not sure how fond I'll be of _eating_ them, but that remains to be seen ;)

There is a storm rolling in right now. It is welcome, but I wish it had waited a bit longer. Or I should have got out there earlier and started to plant. I haven't heard back from Lowe's yet on my interview. That's not really good... *sigh* I thought it went well.. maybe she just is too busy. I was applying for night stocker but she said she could use another customer service person for the day - if she could talk her boss into it, and had me apply for that instead. Anyway - leave that where it sits until I call her and see what's going on.

We still have a few types of seed to get, dill, peppermint, more tomatoes etc... Hopefully this rain will be short and the ground will be dry enough again to plant tomorrow.

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