Thursday, April 24, 2008

Slugs Galore and another kitten picture

Slugs Galore
for MamaMade this Saturday in
Franklin Tennessee!

Kittens at play

The little orange kitten is coming out of the box now, which is good. He is still dragging one of his back feet. He can move it, just not easily. Up until last week he wouldn't even leave the kitten box. We hope he continues to get even better with it. Sherpa (grey) and Hobbes (tiger-striped) are feisty and rolling all over fighting each other. The other grey one (in the background here) hasn't yet earned a name.


Chris said...

They're very cute!

Harriett said...

I just wanted to say have a great time on Saturday and I hope that you have tons of success. the things you are taking are perfect and I bet if the attendance is high you will sell tons of stuff.
Are Mark and Esme coming too?
Enjoy Franklin and say hello to my hometown for me.

Jennifer said...

Such cute slugs, and kittens!

Carrie K said...

Kittens and puppies and babies! Your house must be so much fun.

Good luck on the weekend! And w/the job interviews.

And oh, Mark is so very wrong about the mind and body being one entity. Clearly he's never met my second husband whose body was quite independent of any brain input.

mrspao said...

Awww - those kittens are gorgeous! I wish I could sneak one over some how! I'd rather have your sort of slugs in my garden :)