Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Toy Airplanes Soft Plush Toys

Toy Airplanes At the KnitOwl Toy Shop

More soft toy airplanes that are fun to swoop and fly through the air. Pretend you're a pilot or let Godzilla bat them down and eat them...

WORK: Another long day today, always moving, barely any time to stop in between things. They I say I'm picking things up fast, which is good... But it is hard on the back, and the machines never ever stop - so if you fall behind you have to work three times as hard to catch up. The receptionist at the temp agency said they may ask me to stay on at the end of the week. I'm promised to stay on until Friday. Things might get easier. My muscles still hurt from yesterday so that could be part of it. It's also a 47 mile round-trip to get there and back from our house. I'm going to seriously consider the gas mileage it takes to get there and see if maybe I can't do better somewhere closer to home or at home again. Not many other nearby cities will be much better, considering our location out in the back woods.

Esme gave me one of her 'muppet grins' when I got home. She was crawling a little on the floor today and Mark took her for another walk to check the mail today. She is now sleeping peacefully in her chair, a contented little girl.


Kirsty said...

Those planes are so cute.

Kris said...

The toy airplanes are adorable.

I hope your days start feeling not so long. The job sounds very tiring. Take care.

mrspao said...

That is a long journey - hope you start to feel a bit less tired.

I love your toy planes!

Jennifer said...

Love the planes!

I hope your soreness gets better.

Cooking My Life said...

Maybe you can take an imaginary ride in those little planes while soaking in a hot bath to ease that achy back.