Friday, April 18, 2008

Pogos Kittens wander about

Pogo's kittens were wandering about near her, outside their box. Picture is a bit blurry but the only one I could get. Mark has tentatively named the Pogo-looking kitten 'Hobbes.' I suggested 'Sherpa' for the other one here, as she is already a great explorer and climber. The other two are in the box still. The orange/yellow one isn't looking too good, but we're hoping he gets better.


three buttons said...

Oh the little kittens look so adorable!! I hope little Mr gets well soon!

Kris said...

I've enjoyed seeing the pictures of your art work, Esme and the kittens. I hope the orange one is ok. Good Luck with the garden.

mrspao said...

Pogo's kittens are beautiful. Hope the little one gets better soon.

Sounds like you have had a productive time in the garden. Hope you hear something soon about the job.