Monday, April 14, 2008

Artwork: Automatic drawings


These drawings start with a few ink dashes put down on paper to the rhythym of a song. Then I slowly fill in the areas that look like something to me, until there is a full image and no dashes left over (hopefully). This is a style I have been working on for well over ten years. Usually animals, people and plants show up, but also some symbols that have come to have meaning for me.

We are currently gathering and posting these drawings at Pen Strokes etsy shop.

Rabbit Dancer Woman


linda said...

I like both those drawings, The automatic idea really seems to spark creativity. kinda like letting your hands draw without looking at the paper.

RheLynn said...

Linda: Yes, the pure form of automatic drawing is when you don't look at the paper at all and just let things happen as they will without ever moving the pencil/pen off the paper.

These drawings sort of start out that way - not meaning to do anything in particular and not paying attention to the paper, and then I stop that and start actively filling things in with a lot of thought and care.

So, what exactly are these kind of drawings? Not entirely automatic, not entirely purposeful... somewhere in between.

Lynn said...

I get feelings from Rabbit Dancer Woman.

Sandra said...

These drawings are really cool. I love that idea of looking for the image, I think it requires more creativity. Your ink work is beautiful.

Sherrin said...

wow, that's an amazing drawing