Friday, April 11, 2008

New Drawings

Bird mask with many faces

I did a few drawings today after I got home. Some are selling out of our art shop.

Thanks everyone for the messages of encouragement. A good hot bath does help every night to soothe the muscles ;) It's like dancing 8 hours a day while carrying things around in a small space... But I have only one more temp work shift on Sunday, then I'm off because I may have an interview. The manager at this place was really nice today when I explained I couldn't stay on longer -- she offered for me to come back and work again if I'm not hired elsewhere. The interview would be at a big supplies store like the one I used to work at in Fargo. I really miss showing people where to find things to help them do their projects. Doesn't that sound weird?


Unknown said...

Not at all I know what you mean. I wander around Michaels like a crazy person staring at weird glues and glazes wishing someone would help me figure out what I need!

Unknown said...

Good luck for the interview - hope you get it.

RheLynn said...

HaHa Phyllis ;) You probably knew already that I worked at Michaels in Fargo. It was the best job I ever had. And glues and paints were my utmost specialty!

Hardly anyone else (store employee or customer) had a good working knowledge of what everything was for. I ended up rescuing the customers who would walk up with something like Elmers glue and say 'Can I use this on glass?' Gently I'd take it out of their hand and lead them over to the aisle 'No... you need *product*, What are you actually doing?'

After a year I became the 'go-to girl' for every section in the store. I was there for about five years, and now I MISS it :(

I'm getting an interview at Lowes next week. Similar, but different.