Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On My Desk

This is a sort of boring 'on my desk' for me but I've been out of the house a lot the last week or so.

On my desk is a little dragon pup toy I made a few weeks back, some spare knitting, drawing and some toys my Mom sent for Esme. The plastic still smells 'fresh' on these, just like the other things from the big box store's baby dept... so I'm not sure if I want to give them to Esme yet. Maybe I'm just more sensitive now, but if my nose tells me it's not good for my baby, maybe it really isn't. One thing I KNOW is, her pacifiers never had that smell when I opened them, and they are made in Germany while this more 'chemical'* smelling plastic is all made in China.

*chemical: Yes all plastics are chemicals, but they shouldn't still have a distinct fresh chemical smell when they've been shipped halfway round the world and sat in a store for months. Should they? Even at the plastic factory I temped at last week the hot plastic lost the smell after it was cooled down.

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