Sunday, October 08, 2006

A little Sunday drive (Internet style)

**thanks to Chris for retrieving this for me! I accidently deleted it last night**

We went rollerskating at the Circus Skate* in Murray, KY last night. I had more fun than someone twice-as-old-as-the-average-skater should have had. My feet seemed to remember more than I gave them credit for, and the environment was actually really fun and inviting.

Mr.J had been wanting to go for some time. I had responded 'We'll fall and break something, then get run over by teenagers.' *heh* -- well, it was fun. We might go again. Call it nostalgia, or mid-life crisis... or just the fact that we really need to get out more. So, no knitting to show yet, but I'm working on it!

*they advertise as the 'largest (roller rink) in the U.S.A.'*

Morning coffee: an article at the Coffee Review.

Sunrise ala DBOY4JC at Flickr.

Japanese version of 'Country Roads' song from the 'Whispers of the Heart' anime... interesting in a way (singer gets better towards the end)

Pitagora Suichi (Pythagoras Switch) (run-time 4:23)kind of like the Electric Company, only different.

Ozark Mountains gallery at Webshots (Everyone's pictures)

Mystic Caverns, also in the Ozarks.

Back in the Real World: We are probably headed to Atlanta, GA again some time later this week - to pick up parts for work. Mr.J wants us to take a trip to Mammoth Cave sometime soon. We've just been busy running all over the place lately!


Chris said...

You're very welcome! :)

RheLynn said...

Comment from CarrieK I accidentally deleted with the post:
Sounds like fun! I was so grateful when the local ice/roller skating rinks closed. All my geeky/cool friends loved the darn place and I am NOT that coordinated to skate. Now it's a shame they're gone.

Natually flavored cofee? Yum. I want to move to Garie Beach.