Wednesday, October 11, 2006

14 hour haul - we're back and ready for sleep!

We pretty much got the equipment in Atlanta, turned around, and headed back home. What a long day - but a productive one! Besides the equipment for the office, we scored a few servers for Mr.J to poke and experiment with, too.

Sally says: What a tasty server!

I do prefer IBMs to Dells - but this will work for now!

Willow: Does this mean we get to be masters of our own domain?

Shh Willow!, you gave our secret away!
Soon, but not right away, we will have a new website to unveil!

Oh wow I'm tired now. I knitted on the Grey triangle shawl all the way there, and finished the main shawl! My hands ache - but I've already enjoyed it's warmth on the ride home. It still needs all the ends woven in and an edging put on - but then it is ready for the cool nights that are beginning to roll in.

Speaking of night, time for sleep. Have a great Wednesday everyone!


Jennifer said...

Glad you're back!

Kelly said...

Masters of our own domain. So funny!

Chris said...

LOL re the domain!! Sounds like you made great progress on the shawl - sleep well.

Lynn said...

Wow what a successful trip!
I am interested in what you two will get up to with the server. My Son Alex is really liking keeping up with what you are doing. It is nice that you do stuff that he is beginning to do. He is cleanin up at college. He is doing the daily class tutorial for extra help. He is hoping it will get him a chance to get a position teaching in Sept.
Off the subject and on to knitting. I had my second meeting at the knit shop. I am hoping to have some stuff running by the latest Monday.
Could you please email me your home addy? I found something really cool for you.

mrspao said...

Sounds like you did well. We used to have a home server and pao will be setting up another some time soon but he only used old pcs for it :)

stuffed said...

Ooh, domain. :)