Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gloves continue, and grey shawl done

Sally and Willow play more suitcase games.


Rachel of Rachel Knits has a husband who knits and spins, and cats who eat her wool :o)

Lookout Rach, the lady in Gainesville, Florida who fostered Sugar (who has been adopted, yay!) has foster kittens and they are so cute!

I've really been knitting!

More Pictures of the second glove in construction.
I found the first and second fingers difficult - then the rest was easy!

Glove First finger knitting

Glove First finger knitting

Glove First finger knitting

And the Grey triangle shawl is done!

Not perfect, the border became sort of
hexagonal at the bottom - and required some fiddling
It still doesn't lay entirely flat, but it is warm
and stays on my shoulders really well!


Anonymous said...

Suitcase games look like so much fun!

Your gloves look great! The shawl looks nice and comfy and warm.

Jeanne said...

Who knew you could have so much fun with a suitcase?

Ladeewolf said...

I don't think the cats are playing-I think they are making sure the suitcases don't get used again for a while! LOL. They must have missed you. The gloves are neat and so is the shawl-its almost shawl and sweater weather. Yippee!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I think you were curious about the diagonal-striped tote on my blog. The photo (no pattern yet) is now up!

Chris said...

It looks warm and makes me think I should get my butt in gear and knit a shawl. :)

Jennifer said...

The gloves look so warm and cozy! The shawl is lovely.

Kelly said...

Why do kitties love suitcases so much! Your gloves look great!

Obsidian Kitten said...

oooh, LOVE the gloves! maybe you'll give me the courage to move beyone wristwarmers...

i'm also a big fan of the wool-ease, so maybe i'll try making a pair, yours look great

i've made more wristwarmers than any respectable human being ever should...spouse and m-i-l keep asking me when i'm going to make mittens or gloves. but i'm a scaredy-cat, all that shaping stuff...i mean, i can make a TUBE...
but fingers? lolol

oh, i think cats use suitcases (and cardboard boxes) for time and space travel. they come back at the exact moment that they left so that we never know that they've actually gone anywhere...

RheLynn said...

O'Kitten: ROFL on the cats and time travel! You might just be right!