Friday, October 06, 2006

Green Scheme

Thank you Sheryl!

Sheryl's 'green scheme' Knitflix package arrived late yesterday, while we were on an office supply run. Such great goodies! A pretty sock pattern page, absolutely gorgeous Fleece Artist yarn (in a great project bag), yummy treats and a movie I have never heard of! It looks like a comedical mystery... intriguing :o) This yarn should make excellent socks -- I was thinking about looking into a green yarn for socks, and here it is! Thanks again Sheryl!

7/4 black kitten
click to enlarge

Willow cried at me this morning from the kitchen window - and after crawling up into the window with her - I saw why. Fourth of July black kitty is still alive and well - hunting around in the nearby buildings. S/he was much too smart for the trap, and they have finally taken it away. I'm glad to see s/he is doing well - not too thin, and obviously a good hunter!

In other news: We're starting to gear up on supplying IT services to a new commpany - and that means lots of work. We presented the proposal to them yesterday (it's a non-profit, which means we are working with slim budgets) and took a trip to Jackson to get some of the equipment that would have cost $$$ to have shipped from anywhere.

Knitting: Got a copy of Vogue Knitting Fall 2006, for the socks - wow! More work on the Grey Shawl - it might get done this weekend.


Unknown said...

Liked the gray shawl and Its not a bad, bad thing that is happening to us. My DH is just loosing his job. He is already looking for another one. But we may have to move. His last day is Fri the 13th. Don't you hate it when they use traps on Kittys? Did they catch all the others? Or did some get away?

Chris said...

What a fun swap package!! That Fleece Artist looks yummy. I'm glad the black kitty is doing well!!

RheLynn said...

Linda: Two of the b/w kitties went to another neighbor, and we took 'Tux' to the no-kill shelter in McKenzie, TN. The black kitty is all alone now :o( Good luck with the new job hunting!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear about the Fourth of July kitty.

What a cool swap package! And don't those socks in the Vogue look great?

Anonymous said...

The swap package looks awesome! I loved the socks in Vogue, too.

Lynn said...

Hey RheLynn,
I was in Knit or Knot this week doing a photo spread for a new article.
I have to go back in a few days to do an interview knitting classes, and the launch of their fall/winter stock on their own web site.
When I am editing I will through some pics in your email that you will swoon for. Thinkin shawls and...socks.