Monday, October 02, 2006

In Which I Prove my Yarn Addiction is Growing

Mail order from Frankfort Avenue Fibers, a yarn-mixer.
There are two of each - to see what her yarns were like.. and WOW I love them!

I bought these at the Yarn Shop in Columbus
5 of the Matchmaker, 3 of the Rowan Tapestry

I ran out of the FireyWind Merino on the Theatre Shawl - it still needs something, sleeves maybe.. so Theatre Shrug?
Willow and Sally are SO GLAD we are home again!

Armscye for potential sleeves.

Mouse says she's feeling good - but misses outside.

Stage 2 on the Grey Shawl

KnitPicks needles came too!

Time to start knitting!
Sally is happy being a knitting lap kitty and not letting me get too far out of sight.. I might get lost again ;o)


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it home safely to your babies. And you had goodies there, too!

Chris said...

Lots of fun stuff!! Bummer about running out of yarn, tho.

mrspao said...

Nice goodies. Did you have a good time?

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

What a great post.....Yarn, Kitties, Knitpick....KNITTING....what could be better? My cat will sit in my lap while I am knitting for the sole purpose of destroying what I am trying to knit!! LOL!!!

Lynn said...

Well looks like you had a great time.
The yarn shop is amazing.
Kinda like the one I go to.
I will feature it soon. I am trying to coordinate a day with the owner to do an interview.