Sunday, October 15, 2006

Gloves in Worsted Weight Yarn

Glove in leftover WoolEase yarn.
size 3 dpns, 46 stitch cast-on recc.

This pattern will need a lot of practice, but not bad for mucking around on a Sunday afternoon :o) I was going to make a simple pair of wristwarmers, but when I got to the thumb, insanity or enlightenment took over - and soon I had an entire glove. I'm working on the second one - and there is a lot of room for improvement. Just like socks, it will need to be practiced several more times, in other yarn weights as well -- until I fix the problem areas.

I've attempted to write down the pattern, in narrative fashion. Click here to go to the Knitting Pseudocode files

In the meanwhile - I'll credit these two for the idea:

1940s knitting at the Victoria and Albert museum. I downloaded the women's gloves last week, but they are knit on two needles and in fingering weight yarn.
Just looking at Subway Knitter's gloves was very inspiring! She used the same yarn, so it was helpful to examine her decreases. Hers though, are much more 'expert!'

The purl stitch decoration didn't work out.
There is one small hole where I missed picking up a finger stitch.
But the glove fits - so I'm wearing it!

Also The grey triangle shawl is finished! I've been wearing it around the house. The border could have turned out better. I guess, like this glove, usefulness counts more on the first one I make -- and perfection can always come later... right? ;o)


Anonymous said...

Your gloves are absolutely outstanding! What a wonderful job!

Chris said...

Wow! You can fix the little hole from the inside, no big deal. :) I've never done gloves - the thought of doing the fingers.... *shudder*

Jeanne said...

I've been thinking about trying to knit gloves. Watch it! You may inspire me. I could use a little inspiration.

stuffed said...

Looks great!

Jennifer said...

I love the gloves! I love your inspiration too.

Anonymous said...

Your gloves look very nice!

Lynn said...

wow you have been busy.

I spent the weekend knitting little gizmos for socks for sheep. Today I am using scrap yarn to make pin cushions. It is an easy pattern and great for using up the odds and sods.

RheLynn said...

Thanks Everyone!

Unknown said...

Those gloves are absolutely fab!!You did a great job!!