Friday, March 02, 2018

wrapped bits

It is getting warmer.  I am holding my itching fingers back even though I saw people buying GARDEN plants at the store yesterday.  Why?  I mean herbs and lettuce and tomato plants.  Huh?  I did plant iris bulbs the other day - which, by the way, they are doing great.

I was proud of Esme for writing a very well-contained and thought out story last night for her language arts journal.  It was about a music teacher who says he goes for lunch but it missing for three hours -and is found hiding out lost in his music in a secret room composing and practicing a love song for his wife.  It was very sweet, and she did a great job writing it out and thinking it out as she wrote it.  That is still the hardest thing for her - the only thing that 'shows' mostly after all the trouble she had learning to form sentences as a toddler.

I caught three hours of sleep this morning.. and Mark is going to do the grocery shopping while I have to close at work.  Esme wants to go to rollerskating on Sunday, and I have to remember to bring her library book back.

I've been reading a bit of In the Country of Last Things but then I was soaking in my music instead of reading at lunch yesterday.  Remembered a snippet of music from a musician I really like and went looking for that song and couldn't find it in my collection.  It is the only song of hers I used to listen to on Spotify that wasn't in my CD I had - 'Feel it All' by KT Tunstall.  'Do you know what you've done to me?  You made my branches grow.  Now they can play with the wind, and they can carry the snow.'  I love that idea.

But my favorite song, and it often makes me cry, but always leaves with hope and love - 'Field of Gold'.. about the only song I like by Sting, but I like it.. a lot.

I got out some blue yarn that was leftover from making my shawl last year.  I was wrapping bits of it up and untangling it.. a big mess.  I want to put a few more rows on the bottom of the 'already finished' shawl so I can complete tying it around my waist when I'm wearing it.  It is just a skitch shy of that .. I can tie it, but it slips out in minutes.  A few more rows would do it... It already has about six crochet rows on it so it won't look any more out of place than it already does.  Esme likes the shawl - it is fuzzy blue yarn at the top.. she says she wants to be wrapped in a fuzzy thing.  *ha* 

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