Saturday, March 03, 2018

day 12 on keto 50 grams

I'm on day 12 of a 21 day keto reset.. 50 grams of carbs or less.  I'm doing good and feeling the difference.. but I also felt it when I stayed up and didn't sleep as much for those three days... I had the energy to do so but didn't get the 'big energy' the next day - kind of leveling out because I was making up for that lost sleep.

I can see the results again.  (remember I did this last August/September).  I can fit comfortably into my narrow-waisted pair of jeans AND bend over t o tie my shoes without feeling pinched.  When I look in the mirror at my waistline - with a shirt tucked in - I don't see my stomach sticking out as much as it had been.

Another thing I've noticed.  Our serving sizes are really messed up.  I looked at a bag of macadamia nuts and it said a serving size was a quarter cup!  I pour out three to six nuts when I eat them.. how in the world is a serving size that high?  And the chips I was using as my carb treat.. they say 11 chips is a serving.  4 to 6 is a GOOD sized serving for a snack.  These chips are about a third the size of a dollar don't need to eat any more than a handful at a time unless you're starving.. which, in that case, make a real meal.

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