Sunday, March 04, 2018

tomato seedlings and zen

The tomato seedlings are starting to come up.  These are the ones I planted two weeks ago as a 'make it or break it' leftovers in the bottoms of packages.  So, actually, I don't even know exactly which kinds these are.  But, they are something I would enjoy, if it got to full grown.  So, there's that.

I read an article about zen the other day - and to take it where you can find it and seek it when you have a moment, no matter what is around you or ..  There is this daffodil that showed up in our garden this year, far away from the others, and all by itself.  I was thinking about that daffodil today.   I was passing the area on the road (zenning while driving, all thoughts are good, take the paths and travel them in your mind until you reach the points that are trying to be made etc etc.) where the orange daylilies are, and the daffodil prompted in my head at the same time.  I always see the daylilies and think "I want some of those" as in.. I want some at my house.  But I didn't fully appreciate the daffodil in my garden until that moment.  I didn't ask for it - but I was given it, and I should celebrate it instead of wondering where to move it to.  And I keep 'asking' in a way for the daylilies but I DO have them..  I have them on that stretch of road every year, keeping me company on my way to and fro.  And now a daffodil has me, and my garden.

Strange little wanderings.. but still, they are there.
Feel it All by KT Tunstall is still echoing in my head in a lovely way, making me happy, even though I just watched it  the once earlier this week at work after not hearing it for years.  My memory is nice for that.  I just wish it would always repeat the good things. 

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