Wednesday, March 07, 2018


It's cold and wet and dim outside.  I took the camera with again just in case, but only snapped a few things that were in focus because of the 'dim' part.

Esme got in trouble at school again for not doing homework - so we have added checkboxes to the calendar to try to keep track.  She isn't too happy at any cost about it - being in trouble and/or having to have it checked up on.

We looked at some of the erosion patterns  at the bus stop because I was trying to explain my 'mathematical elegance' to Esme and how it relates to math equations and patterns.  She saw what I meant - I think - and pointed out that the little rivulets the water made in the soil demonstrate what I was saying..  yes, they do.

Our stepping stones for when the water is high in the ditch and the mud would suck the shoe right off your foot.

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