Thursday, February 09, 2017

tiny memory bits

Had a couple of emails back and forth with Esme's teacher.. seems she had been 'enterprising' with her snacks at school and trying to make a few quarters - a little like her Daddy back in the good old days selling candy at his middle school that he had picked up at the gas station.  We've let her know that is not to continue no matter who wants it... a little funny considering but I know it is a little sad too because she really thought she was making friends that way.

A few stray memories that wandered through my brain the past week...

Being seventeen or so riding my ten speed bike through the town of Grand Rapids, MN from the high school area where I lived up to the Hardees on 'Hamburger Hill' halfway across town.  I remembered the two curbs specifically that were not 'let down' to the street and having to hop the bike up each one at speed and sometimes really jarred my teeth when I missed.  I remembered doing this with my uniform in my backpack and changing out to work my shift, then my brother Bill picking me up in his truck at night so I wouldn't ride back in the dark... such a long time ago, twenty years now... I would likely die just to ride one mile now much less three or four uphill.

The other memory was walking into Esme's room and finding that her cat Polliwog had given birth to kittens in her bed, just before bedtime.. and having to scramble to clean up the bed and put the kittens somewhere safe while everyone simultaneously groaned and cooed over the kittens... That memory hit me the other day when I opened the door with her clothes hamper in hand and I know our cat Pumpkin is pregnant now again... hoping history does not repeat itself there.

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