Sunday, February 05, 2017

through pineapple juice, capsacin and alka selzer...

I've made it through the sinus infection, mostly... and am continuing with the above regimen trying to knock the rest out.  I've been adding extra cayenne pepper and curry powder to my teriyaki ramen noodles and that really helps drain my nose.  I'm exploring more of the Minecraft world Esme and I have been working on since about the first of the year, and have a book and a knitting project for whenever sitting and playing with the maps and ships becomes too boring or too cold.  It promises to be a bit warmer today. 

This is what Esme's scarf looks like today... doing a simple 3x3 basketweave that sometimes extends to 3x4 when I'm not paying full attention.

I tried Tabasco sauce for the first time in my life today.  It's like a really spicy green olive.  Mark says I'm probably the only person who thinks that.

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