Monday, February 20, 2017


So we found the jungle in Minecraft, and I built a suburban house there.  Heh.  Esme seems to have gotten partially over having the flu, still says she feels a bit weak and dizzy but mostly because she is still trying to avoid meals... made her eat some soup today before a bath and she feels better again.  We are planning to go to town to look at the pet shop and get our groceries.

Mark put my three Great Big Sea albums on a portable mp3 player for me and I'm enjoying it.  I have another CD coming in the mail sometime next week of things I have liked.

Also my Sweetie dog has hurt her ankle again... poor thing.  Her and Daphne both have that trouble of spraining a foot now and then and limping for several days.

Finished 'The Unwanted Heiress' and 'Twelve Doors of Faery' in the past few days, both nice short quirky books.  Into something more popular.. 'The Girl Before'  Usually I tank those sort of things halfway through... we'll see.

We got Esme a teddy bear hamster today at the pet shop.  She was excited.  We used the old rat cage and wheel for her.  Esme was tuckered out from her sickness when she got home - too much for her going to the store and all.  She is asleep on our bed now after getting the cage set back up with Mark.  The hamster is a little black and white female, quite sweet and inquisitive.

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