Thursday, February 23, 2017


 This is Liz, Esme's new teddy bear hamster.
She came from the Fish Tank store in Paris, TN - and she is very tame.

 Unlike other things in our household.  No wonder the pies keep disappearing!

And this is Freckles, who doesn't get enough 'airtime'... and was being cute 
waiting for a treat in the kitchen.

Esme is still sick.  She threw up again tonight but mostly from coughing after eating.  We've kept her home all week and will keep her home tomorrow, too.  Maybe Monday.

I planted a daffodil in the garden today, too - a white daffodil with pink middles.  I was very surprised to find them for sale, so I had to get one!  I put it in the garden next to the hyacinths.

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