Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Esme was still sick today - she had hit 103 during the night before we gave her the Tylenol.  The fever has not went that high again, hovering just at 100 ever since the Tylenol wore off.  I got her to drink every few hours and this morning I told her to eat some soup and a bit of sandwich before she could play her dragon game and check in on her hatching egg.  She was avoiding food mostly I think because she says her coughing makes her feel nauseous.  Still watching this.  I have today off but have to get back to work tomorrow.

The hamster seems to have adjusted some - she found all the things in her cage and ran on her wheel half the night.  Esme has named her 'Liz'.  runner up would have been 'Nipsy' or 'Queen Victoria' (Mark's suggestion).

I finished 'The Girl Before'.. a little unexpected, a little disturbing in places.  I can see the four out of five because the twists were different enough to make an impression.  I have 'The Lavendar Garden' and another short little book about a robbed heiress that came on the coattails of the other one in the free book email.

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