Thursday, March 31, 2016

KnitOwl toys workshop and bits

I've been making some more toys, this airplane, and the dolls.
I do need to reorganize all my supplies soon... a bit of the Spring Cleaning 
is starting to blossom in the back of my brain... don't know if I have any
time to make it so, though.

We are planning our trip to Land Between the Lakes, and my work schedule has been upside-down this week, with very late nights.  I'm kind of glad we're on break - but it will continue into the season and we will begin back to homeschooling with my burning the candle at both ends.  

I bought a garden chair, which Esme and the cats both had to try out last night.  I am starting to plan which plants to have - flowers, mostly are what is first coming to mind.  Although, I know we will plant some vegetables and buy a few tomato plants.  Marigolds and zinnias are my favorites for the garden - and I will look into getting a new stock of seeds for them.  I haven't decided on the beans - probably just bush beans and one climber, no cowpeas - to keep down the wasps if we intend to sit out there.

I'm reading "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" by Kim Edwards.  I bought it at the flea market for fifty cents.  Very sad .. poignant, do they say?  Yes.  The power went out last night in the middle of reading one of the chapters and Mark got me a flashlight so I could get to "leaving the characters in a better place."  Lots of emotions.

We also started to watch Victor Frankenstein last night... *yeep*

We have a few documentaries, unseen world of microbes and Richard the Lionheart.  That should be fun next week.  What a strange mix.

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