Tuesday, March 22, 2016


She drew this picture in her room this morning before she even came upstairs.  It is herself as an Easter rabbit, with her dog (and a friend's dog) as rabbits, but she has erased her friend who was supposed to be a rabbit, too.  We're not sure if we can see them this weekend.. and I think this was her message to me that she wants to have an Easter Egg hunt with them.  I'm trying to set something up.

8:00a - Reading: 'James and the Giant Peach' to pg. 93
//this was another third of the book!
9:30a - break
10:15a - Reading: 'Kirsten's Surprise', chapter one
10:30a - Penmanship
10:45a - Spelling - thirdgradespelling.com #5 given orally, written out on paper.
11:00a - Writing
11:15a - Math worksheet : multiplication word problems
11:20a - 3rd grade CC Math workbook  week 17: section one
11:40a - break
12:15 - Minecraft : brewing in survival mode
3pm - discussion of reading, and then done

// We have discussed when she will get her Spring Break.  Some of the children in Paris are getting it this week.  Her old school is getting it next week.  So, we will follow that schedule and it will work out better - as I work all that week and it would be nice to have the time off then... and we can still get the books we've started done this week.

While she read this morning I read 'Fish'  by L.S. Matthews.  The front cover called it an 'amazing' book.  They were right.  I also read two books by Karen Cushman this week - short ones, Midwife's Apprentice and Alchemy and Meggy Swann.  Both were much better than I was anticipating.  They were so detailed it was hard to put either of them down once I had started.  I have 'The Door in the Wall' and a few others to start when I have time.

Esme is out in the yard building a second tipi.  The dogs are very interested and are all sitting around watching her move boards back and forth and lean them against a set of trees.

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