Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday St. Patrick's Day

8:15a - Reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' through ch.28
9:30a - break
10a - CC Math workbook
10:15 - Penmanship
10:30 - walk outside
She was all decked out in her entire 'leprechaun' outfit, right down to the green felt bowler hat she has been keeping fake gold in all year...

11:00 - reading 'Kirsten Learns a Lesson' ch 4.
11:20 - multiplication chart 144 spaces (12x12), 100%
11:40 - USA geography and European geography
12:00 - Spelling
12:10 - Minecraft
1:20  - done

We're watching more Clarissa Explains it All, and halfway through Little House on the Prairie reading at night.  She was quite impressed upon by the wolves in the story.  She is playing outside now in the semi-warm.

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