Friday, March 11, 2016


8:00a - CC math workbook
8:20a - reading : Felicity Learns a Lesson: chapter 5
8:45s - break
10a - library : finding a book, reading some books, art
//She threw a fit over having to look up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and also about it being a scary book because the movie was scary.  The librarian backed me up gently and superbly, reccommending the author, pointing out we have a lot of those so it is assuredly a great book, and that the book wasn't scary except when the children did what they were told not to do, and then they got what they deserved (Esme did not like hearing that).  There was more guff (almost sliding the book off the table to have it as far away from hers as possible, but getting it back when I demanded her to), a recovery reading, doing artwork and getting a new Fairy book etc... Checking out she heard some more comments from the librarian about trying to be a responsible young lady and being a good example... in response to the guff she had overheard.  The librarian asked me if Esme should carry her card or I should and I said she had been good with it for quite a while...the thought of the librarian thinking she was perhaps not responsible enough for her card and then assuring her to act like a good example with it made her think.
10:45 - break

//When we got home I made a list of the next four things we needed to do - including one of hers - the Minecraft.  She was worried again about the Chocolate Factory book being scary - but she did begin to read (in a far chair by the door cramped up with a cat at her feet for support).  I read Mr. Popper's Penguins while she read, and she did read all the way to the page I had asked her to, surprised perhaps that it was not yet scary...

12:30 - Minecraft test world experiments
1:30p - reading: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Ch1-5 (to page 21)
2:15p - reading: Lego Imagination book
2:30p - writing: Owl Family Story and artwork

penmanship is helping, too - her writing is much neater and the words are grouped better 
without large spaces in between the letters.

3:15 - USA Geography game - She is getting so much better.. the third game she played she got 98%.  I had thrown in the puzzle level in between and I know that is helping cement where the states go.
3:30 - done

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