Monday, March 07, 2016


8a    - CC Math workbook
8:15 - reading: St. Patricks Day book
8:35 - reading: 'Felicity Learns a Lesson' chapter 1
//She was quite appalled by the fact that Felicity could not go to a college.. but had the opportunity to take classes in stitchery, tea service and manners as her school.  We talked about history and learning from it and comparing different time periods.  We will read the Kirsten equivalent too next week and discuss the changes that happened in education during those hundred years.

9:10 - spelling and penmanship
9:30 - break
9:45 - jumping rope
9:55 - break
10:15 - Minecraft // She built a 'cavern on the green' (Futurama restaurant that is underground) and general store between all of our houses.

12:30 - Reading: Patrick's Day
12:50 - done (continued playing Minecraft)

I stayed home from work today as I have been down with a flu/cold sort of thing all this weekend.  I had a high fever that comes and goes - and really just need to sleep again.  Mark and Esme are now going to play Minecraft some more while I take another nap.

//Later//  She is using her math in Minecraft, whipping out her calculator to decide how many of something she needs for a formula batch etc... testing me on my mental multiplication at the same time.

Mark and Esme picked a jar full of daffodils and put it by my bed when I was napping.  Very sweet.

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