Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Super Tuesday

8a    - CC Math Workbook
8:20     - reading: "Meet Kirsten", 2 chapters
9:00     - break
//It is so nice to finally be at the 'silent reading with comprehension' stage... she has graduated to this and I only ask her a few questions afterwards - she is reading all on her own - devouring some books - and wants to get specific books at the library next time we go etc.  We have to take all her books from Saturday (five) back tomorrow and exchange for new ones.

9:30     - laundry refresher process
9:40     - review math problems
9:50     - Toothless wood toy project (setup)
10:00     - voting process in town
//She came in with Grandma and I to our voting place and she got to watch the process with me.
10:15     - break

10:45     - penmanship : Month names, spelling with Mom
11:00     - Toothless wood toy project (cont.)
11:30     - Yule Bird story (cont.) with illustration
12:00     - break lunch

12.30    - America ep "Boom"
1.30    - done

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