Wednesday, March 09, 2016


7.45    - PE; 10catlift, 150x JJ, 50x 15lb bench
8    - CC math workbook
8.15    - reading: "Felicity Learns a Lesson" chp 3, discussion
8.30    - spelling with Mom, penmanship
9a    - Minecraft : 1.9 Survival Mode : lighthouse project, deep pool and road

She made her cat the lighthouse keeper.  There is some glowstone up on the top to make sure it can be seen from far and wide.  They have mined obsidian and made a netherportal, which is just barely out of frame here... They went for an expedition and got netherrack to make netherbrick for the fences at the top, and for the glowstone.  The checkerboard pattern was her idea and she used the dirt scaffolding technique I showed her to keep from dying as she often fell trying to do the one on / one off pattern around the circle.  She insisted on filling up the deep pool with a single bucket.. but she stuck at it, and then was able to draw water from the middles and not hop over the hill after a bit... she made it VERY deep.

12.30    - done

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