Saturday, February 02, 2013

a bit here and there over the weekend

I woke up with an idea for a circular brick pattern for quilting... of course, it will be difficult to even attempt. That is how these dreams are - show me something I like and then when I actually think about it - it turns out to be a mathematical experiment in cloth. Ha. This is the image I made this morning to start with - and then quadrupled in size, made a line drawing and printed out. I'm staring at it now wondering how to go about the task - probably in pillars, not in courses.
The circular brick quilt idea for a pattern. It would be placed around a central circle cut out of something else and probably surrounded with something else as well... I'm not thinking huge quilt here, I'm thinking - look what I can do small thing or a throw pillow. I ordered some pretty fabric the other night with some Etsy money - and it might be a great one to do this and draw the colors out using the brick pieces.

a trial run with some scraps on the table

I caught a blog post to a 'Glorious Applique' quilt as well. I think her colors really made the show on it, and it showcased her work all the more. I wish I had the patience for this - and this is me saying this! Glorious Applique house and horses quilt. It is very folklorical, which suits my tastes at the moment. I have something else in my mind for a dress for Esme, but I don't want to go digging through the fabric pile for it at the moment. She asked me for more t-shirts last night.. clothes without zippers or ties, she can take off by herself (but still not quite get on). It's happening... I told her Mom would have to get a bit more money before we could go and have her pick out some.

As for other things - it is extremely cold, and I have the weekend off. I didn't realize I had the weekend off until yesterday halfway through work - so it was a nice surprise. I have the 'gift' that I can forget my schedule as soon as I write it down... That is actually a big thing, considering my memory for visual information. I think it helps me not worry so much that the week is going on and on and on..., but once in a while it also begets nice surprises.

Esme is going to bounce awake soon - maybe.. she went to bed very late after playing Skyrim a bit and having a laze around in a bubble bath she did not want to exit. I am almost done with the bed afghan - I keep saying that.. really I think I am almost done! The pair of gloves is down to two fingers left to go - I wished I had them done yesterday morning as I chipped ice off the windshield!

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