Friday, February 15, 2013

Most zebras run really fast

I'm catching a little uptick in Esme's language again - she is adding some more words and doing it well.  We were playing blocks and she told me that 'most zebras run really fast', which is a combination I can't remember hearing before - and a good one.  I tried to turn it back to her in the tub later 'Most Esmes really like bubbles' etc.. and she gave me the eyebrow...  I have caught her playing games with counting numbers and 'joking' with losing count and doing things out of sequence etc.. there is a lot of thought there.  She spends a lot of time with the decorating interface on Skyrim moving things around the house, balancing things, putting things in other things -- and then just knocking them all around the room for the fun of it.  She has been trying and sometimes succeeding to put containers on people's heads. 

There has been some attitude, too.  I asked her to clean her room, and she said that kids don't know how to do that.  She did it last week... and did a good job.  I reminded her, and said she could have her ice cream afterwards if she did it right.  Ok, off to clean the room.  Did a great job.  Fell on the stairs going back down - not hurt.. just dirty hands and upset about it.  I asked her to wash her hands and she starts doing the 'my hand is an annoying duck talking and talking and talking' routine at me... Why are you doing that?  Because you're talking and I want to play in my room and not wash my hands.  Ok, no washing hands - no ice cream though with dirty hands.  (oh the political dramas!)  Tears and upset and apologies and why you so mean to me... then I explain again.. and she washes her hands and eats the ice cream - then we play blocks in her room after that.  Our little five year old is definitely a master of drama queen.

We have today off - Esme has been invited to a movie with her friend G at her house tonight.  I have been feeling slightly under the weather but maybe can beat it...

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