Tuesday, February 12, 2013

finished gloves and meantime

I finished these gloves a while back - maybe a week ago. I put a little brown stitching on them the other day while Esme watched Little Ponies.. and I blame Pinkie Pie for the crooked one, or the bouncing she induced at the very least. Esme needed no help in learning that, she already knew how to bounce incessantly around the house ;) The stitching is mostly to denote right from left - they 'wear' a certain way, even though in truth I knitted them for the opposite hands... strange how that goes, and good thing I didn't knit a pattern into them in the first place.  The grey scarf is from quite a while back also, it has become a favorite of mine and is also wool.  I'll wear the wool while I can and soon enough it will be summer... right?

I always hide the spines of my books at work to keep from having to explain them instead of read them... I don't have to do that here. This is from the 1960s and we got it sometime long ago at a book sale according to the inner pages. It is nice to turn to your bookshelf with an idea and there is something there on exactly the obscure subject you were contemplating... truly, that is an awesome feeling, even if the book is 50 years plus in age, sometimes especially if the book is that old, because it helps 'solute' the ideas - what was known then, what is known now?  How do they differ?  Why and how did we learn those differences?

 I had forgotten there was a Rankine scale of temperature.... Listening to the online lectures and then coming back to the text things come more into focus than just reading the text alone or listening to the lecture alone... All of the things I have no idea why I am studying - but they keep coming round and round, opening more little crannies related back to each other - there has to be something in here that I am wanting to understand, even if I don't know it myself. And it seems to settle more after a while 'soak' etc... I ask myself questions in dreams or suddenly at some moment when I am down on my belly crawling under the deck to reach a faucet box that has slipped behind the thought comes to me for words to search together - ideas to try to connect - and then I am looking for something else to fill in that gap... and yet I can't do the detail math so why am I reading the theories and trying to understand the overall 'geometry' of it? Maybe it has to do with knitting somewhere *joke*... it will come together if it needs to.  In the meantime....time.

Homefront Notes : After her bath last night Esme and I played Skyrim into a scary dungeon.  She was upset that I stopped (after being killed several times by the magician) and said we would sleep on it, regroup tomorrow and think of a better way to fight him.  She cried that we were not strong and I would not win and would not go back to the town tonight etc...  I said we were strong, but we had to think - and it was after midnight and time little five year old girls (and their mamas who need to work) should be in bed.  She insisted we drink milk so we had strong bones today to fight with.  Ok....  And that we need a magic shield and it will protect us.  We'll think about that.  Her new line lately is 'do this before time is running out', and also 'fine then, you won't play at all anymore' ...  The other big development is Pollywog cat had five kittens in Esme's bed night before last.  It was messy - and very late at night.  We cleaned it all up and they are in a box upstairs as Esme can't resist the temptation to play with them.  Mr.Frog suffered through it all and survived the washing machine, so Esme is happy about that.

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