Sunday, February 03, 2013

finished afghan, circle horse quilt patch

 Experiment from yesterday with circle patterns... not the best example of the type of work but I had never tried it before and it was a great learning experience.  I think the patch took me off and on about four or five hours so not something I'd want to do many of... and yet, maybe they would get quicker once I knew what I was doing and had all the pieces worked out beforehand.  My own pieces cut from printer paper, some 'guesswork' involved as well.  Appliqued onto the white background and topstitched down.

Esme minecrafting this morning, wearing her sweater as she was cold.
She has also discovered SpongeB games now, and has been playing those as well as making her fireworks in Minecraft and new houses everywhere.  

The finished '2 person' afghan.  Mark says 'husband shown for scale'.  I finished it up last night and it was on the bed all night.  Very warm.  It measures about 80 by 72?  It was 273 stitches wide on the circular needle and that was the maximum width I could pull off - have been working on it since mid-October 2012.

I am back at work tomorrow early.. and Tuesday.  Esme's IEP meeting is Wednesday.

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