Tuesday, January 29, 2013

more bits

Mark had written out the numbers 1-80 on a piece of paper in grid fashion for Esme when I was at work. She had kept it and was 'reading' it for several days. She can count to 100 now, based on remembering what was on the paper. However, she brought it to him yesterday (and told me about it after work) that the paper only counts to 64, because it is not the seven, that makes her brain hurt in here. He had accidentally written 67 for 65, and repeated 67 again where it should be. She had asked him to fix it because it made her brain hurt. I was talking to my mom on the phone while Esme was in the bathtub. My mom said she wanted to buy a remnant of carpet for her living room - I told her 12x8 was not a remnant, that was a piece. 12x2.5, like the piece of vinyl I had put under Esme's bed, was a remnant, but it was vinyl not carpet. Esme scowls at me and says 'Why you put that black thing under my bed? That is bad. Why you do that, Mama?' I had to explain to her what a remnant was... and I am not sure what she thought I had said. Her commenting on things in conversations is something she rarely does, but I am glad to actually hear her doing it more. After I hung up the phone she said she was bored now, because I was not calling, and talking - and she was sorry (she had been begging me to hang up the phone not long before that and I had said no, but then mom did have to go). We have been playing dragon game for a bit this morning, but now she is outside with an umbrella parading around the porch in the warmest weather we've had in a week. I called the principal of the school she will probably attend. The meeting is next week.

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