Sunday, January 06, 2013


We were given a discussion yesterday about a 'human' Esme saw at the park one day back in November.  It went like this.  'A ladybug, in the park.'  Huh? 'A ladybug in the park, it had two spots, but I did not see it.'  Oh, I remember that, I was knitting, like I'm knitting now, and you came to see the ladybug, but it flew away.  'Yea, the boy and the girl, they would not play, with me, they would not play.  And I go slide, and run, and they did play, and then I saw the human!'  Huh? What human, which one? 'The human who grows, and is tall, and he plays with me!'  The girl who had the doll? (there was a handicapped girl with a doll who was very tall who tried to show Esme her doll)  NO, the human who was tall, and growing up, and he plays with me, and he has a yellow shirt, and he runs.  'Oh, the teenaged girl with the yellow shirt, that was a girl a 'her' - she did play with you.  'And we run, and he said 'I will play with you' and I hit my head, and he said 'Are you alright"' and I said 'Yes' and we run.

*our girl is from planet 9?*

This morning I was brushing her hair and she says 'you are putting holes in my hair'.  I said I was not, and she did not look like Marge on the Simpsons with holes in her hair.  She says 'NO, tiny holes, they are small, and they have trees in them, and they grow tall'  You have no trees growing in your hair, and no holes.  'They are tiny holes, and the animals, the tiny animals, the bugs, they climb up and (scout hand over eyes sign) and they see.'  You mean the South Park episode (which we haven't seen in six months or more) with the bugs - those were lice - you do not have bugs in your hair, I would know.  'No, they are really really tiny, so tiny you cannot see them, and they live in holes.'  No, you have no bugs in your hair, we would know (and she doesn't).

Almost every conversation is an adventure... 

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