Friday, January 18, 2013

bits of goldfish and toilet physics

We got three new goldfish today - don't worry, Nemo is still alive.  Esme named the new fish Treasure and Bubble, and I named the last one Angel for her shape.  Nemo seemed much happier to have friends - he had been staring at the mirror surface at the bottom of the tank the past few days.  Besides that, I've worked a new strip into the quilt top over the course of the day.  Esme has been working on her math, adding single numerals together, and trying to count to higher numbers.  There were forty squares in my quilt strip and she got to thirty and that was a test for her - she did a good job.  Mark has been helping me reinforce the 'before' and 'after' numbers, simple addition questions etc, and he also wrote down numbers for her on a list and she tried to name off numbers from their written numerals.  Esme said it is the secret question, what is it, with three and three etc.. very interesting way of phrasing it.  I've ordered two new books for her homeschool - one on volcanoes and earthquakes that I picked out and another on jungle caves that she picked out from the list before I really had a good chance to look at them all -- she was insistent, it looked halfway decent, so I said yes.

The other thing I want to remember is that Esme has been playing with her projector toy all by herself for the past few days - including changing the cartridges.  She told me the battery bad noise was happening and I tried to show her how to snap them in correctly - and she brought the projector into her room in her bed and put up a piece of paper at the end of her bed on a box so she could watch them there... quite a good job, and it gave me some nice time this morning to sit and examine what to do with my spoonflower fabric in the quilt pattern.

Toilet physics - oh yes... we took apart the Mainstream we have and were discussing the engineering drawings on AmStd's website and comparing trap heights and other bits to see where the errors in flushing may be coming from.  I have hacked up a fix that will involve a new toilet fill valve and a piece of vinyl tube tomorrow - to see how that changes the mechanism.  That is one of the reasons for buying that model last year - everything in it is standard and thus hackable at the same time.

No goldfish were hurt during the making of this post.  In fact, they are all quite happy.  The new three are calico fantails, and one of them gave the lady at the pet shop such a run for her money that it got out of the net she was using once in the air and back into the tank.  We should have named that one Tiger - but it is Bubble.

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