Thursday, December 22, 2011

You found Christmas bit

I brought home some shiny foil garland from work last night and put it up above the door this morning. Esme told me 'Mama, you found Christmas!' and went to tell the puppies how today was Christmas Day. I told her No... not for a few more morningtimes. "Oh, yea.. first, it gotta snow!", she said. "Oh no... I hope not!", I said.

She is asleep in her bed after losing her pink sock monkey for a while. She got it from Gwen the other day and it has 'Esme' stitched on to it. I work with Gwen, and she and Esme love each other whenever they see each other. She was throwing the sock monkey in the air and it fell down on top of Daddy's head and knocked some things off a shelf... so she has to go away for a day or so until she can learn to be nice with her. The other night she was dancing with her all around the room, playing ballerinas.

I have tomorrow off... we'll see if we can give away before-Christmas puppies... but not sure if the weather is going to cooperate.

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