Friday, December 23, 2011

the eve of the Eve

I have wrapping to do - have to find some time to do it 'unpestered'. Maybe when Esme is painting later. We went out to the town today with eleven puppies and came back with four. That is a pretty good day's work, even though it was cold and windy. Esme was not on her best behavior - I think she was secretly upset that her puppies were going away but was also understanding that they were Christmas Presents.... little ones do not always do well with mixed feelings. We came home and after a bath the blonde monster seemed to disappear and there was an Esme back in her place. One of the puppies that is left is the half-deaf one Esme has been attached to. He was on our list as a potential keeper. He is trying his hardest to earn that.

I seriously think Esme will be spoiled when Christmas morning comes. We bought her a bit more than we usually do....

Very tired now, and not sure what I want to do for the rest of the night. I have Esme's sweater to work on - but the old one is lost at the moment. It might be at Grandma's house. I have a little laundry to do, some dishes, and some leftovers to use up. I work an 8-5 tomorrow and then have Christmas Day off.

//wardrobe sewing notes// Looking through my patterns a few minutes ago, seeing all of the different ones I have collected that are 'current' size (5). I have nearly achieved 'stability' in her wardrobe again - three long sleeved size 5 and two short sleeved size 5. Add a new yarn sweater on to that for warmth and several coats for 'outside.' She also has at least three pairs of pants that are the right length... lots more slightly highwater. Overall, she is doing quite well and not lacking much. Mark couldn't think of anything she was lacking at the moment... and she has been better about not getting her clothes dirty/wet etc lately so we don't have as many 'quick changes' during the day as was once usual. Before I know it we will be making sundresses and shorts again ;) huh?

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