Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Homeschool prep - books and curriculum

Planning out some 'curriculum' that will last her for years to come, whether or not we do the homeschooling track.

The New We Three (1960s reading book dick and jane book 3rd in series)
Fun with Our Friends (dick and jane type book 1st in series) (coming in mail)
Dr.Seuss - Cat in the Hat, Hop on Pop, Green Eggs and Ham, The Nose book, Ten Apples up on Top, If I ran the Zoo (a few more)
Bernstein Bears - The Hat Book
lots of other things - computer, printouts, letter tiles/scrabble game, Electric Company videos
More Fun with Our Friends ("" book 2nd book)
any other Dr.Seuss' we come across

Seeing New Things (1955 one of a large collection called "singer science series") very nice subjects covered - I'm sold and want the others!
Grandma got for Christmas :) thank you!
Cat in the Hat's: Inside your Outside (beginning body/anatomy book) (Esme loves)
Cat in the Hat's: A Map on My Lap

going to get soon:
Cat in the Hat's: There's no Place like Space

Solar System easy reader level 2
Dinosaurs easy readers: level 1 and 2 (coming in mail)
anatomy chart of bones with names on it (coming in mail)

want to get:
Smithsonian solar system book
want to build a solar system model for her
weather and seasons books - one of the singer books is on this
earth science and physical science - singer books have each
book about tools, hammers, saws, shovels, rakes etc...
how plants grow book, how we make food book
book about inventions and mechanical things

Mama Cat Tells Time book with a clock in it
pattern blocks and worksheets for them.
mancala, dominoes, go fish, playing cards
thinking about and looking for:
book about money
book about platonic solids and 2D shapes

Spelling and/or Writing
I think they want a book on this, but I am using letter tiles and computer printouts and hooking it into reading practice right now.... and the dry erase board Grandma got her she is practicing more letters.

Problem Solving
manipulatives like blocks, pipe parts

I might have to look into some Dora books here... to supplement the Youtube and Pocoyo videos

watercolor paints and paper
beads, tissue paper, pipecleaners, glue projects
computer paint program

Social science
USA puzzles (2)
looking for:
Book and/or coloring book about U.S. monuments
Book about families, brothers and sisters etc...
book about towns, roads and the buildings/services in them
Book about school (besides Morris the Moose, which we have)
Books about jobs - farmer/doctor/nurse/mechanic/cook etc etc..

Fish identification book, have one she likes
bird identification book for kids - find a good one?
Going on a Tree Hunt: A Tree Identification Book for Young Children by Judi Stinz Bird
Thornton Burgess Bird Book for Children and online resources
Edward Dolch book Friendly Birds

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