Wednesday, December 07, 2011

shawl progress, dress and snow

We had a short spurt of snow this morning. Esme got to hold a small chunk of it, but then I whisked her off to the bathtub.

looking at the snow before the bath...



After the bath I put the same dress back on her - as it is the warmest at the moment, and I haven't gotten good pictures yet. This is the altered McCalls 8001 in size 5 (circa 1961) Alterations: Two front pleats instead of one central one, and the coat sleeve superimposed over the cap sleeve in the pattern to make a long sleeve. It has my own 'make-do' of putting two small pleats in the back upper sleeve instead of setting it in properly... I always do that, because I hate fussing with sleeves and that takes the fuss out. It really does fit her very well, even with a 'short' zipper in the back. There is no fussing with the 'other arm' in this dress style, because the back is open wide and there is not the tight quarters of some of the previous patterns in the waist area. The wide waist is drawn up to her back with ties placed two inches underneath each armpit (this is in the pattern, too).

back of the dress is just plain, but fits well

I made her get her hair washed. This is still no small feat. She is STRONG and it is hard to get her to stay in one place when she does not want to. I did manage, and after her hair was dry she brought me four hair ties and said she wanted 'bossy lamb hair'. I didn't quite get the description... but she did mean she wanted braids.

happy bossy lamb

I've heard some other odd langauge from her as well - the other day we were playing air hockey on the floor and I missed a puck, which went far behind me. She said something on the order of 'you missed it, don't worry home-boy, just try again Come on, don't be scared now.' What in the world? (have been hearing that one a lot, too actually) - for a kid that doesn't watch broadcast TV and doesn't go to daycare or preschool... she comes up with some doozies.

playing the 'light drum' with a pair of expired light sticks

She has taken a recent bout of bringing a chair and a footstool up to the puppies and saying she is 'Grandpa Esme' and sitting there pretending it is a rocking chair while the pups vie to be picked up individually. Daddy says if she ever accomplishes that one - being a Grandpa - he WILL be impressed. She takes her little flashlight and shines it into her piggy bank (Daddy says: future veterinarian?) and also into her tanker truck she picked at Tractor Supply yesterday. She told me she needs to put water in it - because it is a water tanker truck. She has been saying she wants animals, so we took her there to look at the Schleich figures she has been adoring on in the past. I set her free in front of them saying she had ten dollars to spend and could pick out one big one or two little ones etc... She picked up a spotted horse for an instant.. but it was a big one. She then made a beeline to the diecast ERTL trucks and picked out the water tanker and a school bus. She was set, those were what she wanted. It was just over ten, so she did get to take those home. After she was embraced of new toys, and full of fried chicken, she came home in a pluckier and more active mood than either Mom or Dad were ready for. She ran us into the ground for the rest of the night begging for us to play with her, read books, paint pictures etc etc.... We are both almost out of the sickness that had kept us down the past week or two, but not entirely.

I have not been wanting to go to our 'school room' because of the temperature down there - it is very cold. She won't stay out of there. Mark and I were watching a movie lsat night and she was down there and back up for the better part of an hour - doing nothing more than staring at the materials. I brought anything she asked for upstairs and she played with it for a few minutes, and then was back in her chair in the school room pretending. Novelty? Independence? Reminiscing back to crafts and things we did in there when it was warmer? I'm not sure.

triangle shawl progress

Making some more progress on this. My circular needle came in the mail but it was not what I had expected. There was some mixup and I received a much smaller size. So, knitting this long straight needles. It will probably be about 20 inches 'tall' when I am finished and much wider. I also received the Baker's Creek and Seed Saver's catalogs in the mail.... very tempting!

Odd Preschooler thing of the Day: She told me today at 3:00 that her animals were coming in the truck, up there, in the truck in fifteen minutes, have to wait for it, go get them. I'm a little weirded by that - as I think that is what arrived at Grandma's house instead of ours (because it won't fit in our mailbox), and she only saw them by accident on Ebay when I was watching the auction. I told her I would 'consult with Santa' on sending them. I did win the auction later that day, but took an extra day to pay for them... how would she know when they were being delivered? Simple answer: She heard the mailman, and things Mama asks for on the computer come in the mail? So, if she heard a mailman it must be her toy coming...? ok -- it didn't actually come in the mail, but it could have, and I'm still impressed at her memory skills!

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